Ray-Ban replica in New York City District1937 activities, together with rock idol Blondier and Ms Mr celebrate the latest material series sunglasses available

Ray Ban outlet held a District1937 celebration in New York to celebrate the launch of a new series of innovative sunglasses with rock and roll idol Blondier and Ms.

May 15, 2014, Ray Ban in New York held a unique celebration District1937, to celebrate the brand launch of innovative new material series of glasses.

The venue is unique in New York fashion area, creating a realistic and unique studio environment for guests to explore the use of the brand’s excellent new material. In the brand’s latest eyewear collection, many of the classic models are the first time using these materials. Legendary rock band Blondie is the protagonist of the event, the band is also a synonym for punk rock and New York City.

The new Ray-Ban series unveils a new promotional campaign: Never Hide What You’re Are Made Of, revealing the extraordinary qualities of the brand. Five of these materials will debut this celebration: leather, jeans, steel, titanium and velvet. New glasses for those who are willing to assertive personality, not popular, bold and self-expression of the crowd and design. The product is designed for Ray-Ban past, present and future supporters, the integration of traditional style and modern attitudes.

The event was named District1937, is to commemorate the fashion district since the early 20th century since a long tradition. Here is not only the clothing and textile design and production of the core areas, but also in 1937 Ray Ban in the brand early for the US Air Force production of special glasses location.

Event guests will appreciate the works of many modern artists, all of these unique materials for the design inspiration. Such as Mark Evans that exquisite leather etched canvas, Anne Lilly’s dynamic steel sculpture, Denimu denim works, etc., fully proved that these materials in the popular culture of creative use.

Guests are also invited to enter the production studio, give full play to their creativity, the use of leather, denim, steel, titanium and velvet material, to create their own District1937 works. There are artists in the studio to help guests complete the creative process, including Brooklyn Kayrock Screenprinting imprint artist, titanium jewelry designer Pat Daugherty and cowboy designer Darlene Hatchett.

The highlight of the night also includes Ray-Ban Remix Lounge (Ray-Ban custom area), guests will receive special customization services here, personally create a custom sunglasses. There are eight Ray-Ban classic styles to choose from, including Wayfarer, Aviator, Clubmaster and Erika, where guests can showcase their own style with different lenses and frames. But also in the mirror legs and glasses box marked with their own brand.

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A tribute to this punk rock icon will be featured in a unique work by Ian Berry (aka Denimu): Blondie singer Debbie Harry. In the 1970s and ’80s, Debbie and other members of the band, with the pioneering qualities of the unique timbre and fearless style and famous. Debbie Harry’s style is a perfect mix of high-end brands and street shops clothing. Such as locomotive leather jackets, denim jacket, a very feminine charm of tight-fitting leather and metal wind make-up and so on. cheap Ray Ban a new series of vividly demonstrated her idol style and New York Fan Er.

Blondie will debut that night to do exclusive performances, guest performers are New York alternative rock double mix Ms As a time-tested avant-garde band, Blondie will bring to the audience an unforgettable night of music, and their spirit is what Ray-Ban is all about.

Ray-Ban replica to launch a new platform and the introduction of the updated Never Hide pilot series of sunglasses upgrade models: bright colors enjoy publicity!

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Ray-Ban’s owner, Luxottica Group, announced that Ray-Ban outlet has launched the latest Never Hide communication platform – not hidden, firmly believed to change. The focus of this campaign is a group of creative photographic works by renowned photographer and video producer Cheryl Dunn. This group of photos to enjoy the unassuming Never Hide to break the idol, the spirit of self-publicity, which is Ray-Ban the essence of. The protagonists in the photo play a vanguard role in their daily lives, they continue to develop, break stereotypes, refused to herd, ready to meet the change, so that the audience feel more cheer. The protagonists in these photos are telling you the story of their first conviction and change. New glasses for those who desire to express individuality, refused to popular, bold self-publicity of the crowd design. The traditional style and modern attitude, for Ray-Ban past, present and future supporters to build quality.

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Classic cheap Ray-Ban Aviator launched a new upgrade material and color style. Brass-like effect for the metal frame to give retro copper green effect, and the color of the vivid mirror lens brought about by the modern appearance in sharp contrast, this summer is an indispensable trend with a single product. The style optional: semi-brushed bronze with gray-purple, red, lavender or blue mirror lenses.

Ray-Ban outlet glasses born story

Where should the story start, from the turmoil and turbulence of the 1930s began. Everything has not yet begun, but are ready to make trouble.

In 1929, the US Army Air Force Lieutenant John MacCready found a manufacturer of medical equipment, asked whether he could develop a new type of sunglasses to withstand high-intensity flight in high-intensity sunlight, then P-12 fighter has been Ordered by the Army Air Force, whether the height of the flight or the speed than in the past have greatly improved, many pilots by strong sunlight exposure will be nausea, dizziness symptoms. MacCready will be looking for the manufacturer is Bausch & Lomb, 1936, Bausch & Lomb introduced a green lens, plastic bag sunglasses, it can effectively prevent the stimulation of the sun without blurred vision. But for the pilots for the life of the plastic frame is too short, the second year Bausch & Lomb replaced it with a metal frame, and named for the glasses “Ray-Ban Aviator” pilots.

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In 1937, the birth of Ray-Ban is only a big wave of time under the splash of water droplets. Only four years later, it will figure with the US Army Air Force appeared in the real battlefield. In 1941, the Pearl Harbor incident will be the real pull into the war in the United States. Remember the film “Pearl Harbor” What, Ben Affleck played Rafe set off to Europe battlefield, the wear is Ray-Ban, this should be the poster for cheap Ray Ban’s initial impression.

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Douglas MacArthur, 61, who had been retired from the United States Army this year, was recalled to the Army as commander-in-chief of the Far East Army. The five-star legend had a glorious victory and a humiliating defeat. Of course, the most high-profile should be September 2, 1945, “Missouri” on the surrender ceremony, the then MacArthur was appointed President Truman as the supreme commander of the Allied forces in Japan, on behalf of the Allies signed down. From the beginning to the end, and MacArthur left to all the “American veteran” image is the identification of high corn pipe and Ray-Ban glasses outlet.

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The Army Air Force’s “Ray-Ban”, has gone through World War II has become a US soldier “Ray-Ban”, the lens during World War II by the US government as the standard for sunglasses, and even Ray-Ban uk is World War II Allied One of the heroes of victory, of course, is too exaggerated, but it is at least a small microcosm, for us to shape and record that one of those years the most specific image.

The global eyewear giant and car industry giants to learn from the model cooperation! Cheap Ray Ban debut Formula One!

July 11, 2016, Beijing, China, a global optical industry giant and car industry giant model learning cooperation staged staged – sunglasses brand cheap Ray Ban and Ferrari Group (Ferrari S.p.A.) reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

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July 11, 2016, Beijing, China — set fashion, luxury and sports eyewear design, manufacture and distribution in one of the global optical industry giant, Lu Xun ladder card group announced its well-known brand sunglasses Ray Ban and Ferrari Group reached a strategic cooperation protocol.

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Last weekend, the British Silverstone F1 station, as the world’s most eye-catching eyewear brand, Ray Ban announced as Ferrari brand sponsor. As a sponsor, Le Pen classic brand logo appears in the Ferrari F1 car SF16-H on.

Since its birth in 1937, Le Pen has been witnessing and promoting the development of music, art and film, and has become a symbolic symbol of the celebrities of movie stars and cultural circles all over the world. Le Pen has left an indelible mark in the history of culture.

Le Pen because of its heritage, excellence and global visibility, become a manifestation of international culture and lifestyle influence brand, has made the undisputed achievements. Since its inception, the brand has been respected classic, continuous innovation and publicity fearless. Through this strategic cooperation, “Ferrari Red” and “Le Penhong” perfect fit, so that Le Pen in the Formula One stadium on the passion collision experience imminent.

“We are here today to celebrate this breakthrough partnership with Ferrari,” said Leonardo Dale Vicchio, executive chairman of the Luxton Ladder Group. “We can be part of the Ferrari family, I feel honored, Ferrari perfect embodiment of its brand for the pursuit of true self, heritage culture and excellence of the relentless pursuit of these characteristics coincides with the Le Pen’s core values, but also achievements in the field of Ray Ban glasses outlet irreplaceable position.

Pilots replica glasses Play Handsome cool essential single product

Pilot glasses is what we often say that the toad mirror, the classic style of the eyes of the past two years to return to the fashion arena, a cool guy who played cool right-hand man. To make a man Play Handsome single product more and more, in the 90’s by the people to wear the pirated glasses are also a popular Hollywood star to bring back the fashionable character, so now it is to wear it a good time.

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Pilots glasses is what we often say that the toad mirror, the early 20th century, the rapid development of new aircraft, due to glare and long-distance flight, pilots suffer from headaches and dizziness. Ray Ban replica has developed a new lens with a large block of visible light can protect the pilot at high altitude from glare, while maintaining a clear vision, this is the first toad.

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As long as your temperament and dress appropriately, yurt that no place in the low-key publicity, will be able to play the overall shape of the taste to the extreme. And almost any face of the people are suitable for wearing a toad mirror.

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There are many colors on the market, pure black lenses are suitable for leather jackets, and suitable for a slightly older men. In addition, the lens color can be a touch of brown, gray, gray-green, it can be reflective coating. Such a yurt to highlight the man’s atmosphere, publicity, there will be a unyielding stubborn and domineering.

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Whether it is to wear casual suit or hip-hop full taste of the dress, wearing a suitable toad, the boys will make a whole out of a star temperament. Like many people in love with Tom Cruise, love is his “top Gun” in a flight suit, wearing a yurt Fan range.

Best Replica Sunglasses Shopping Guide for Valentine ‘s Day

As a pair of walking in the trend of cutting-edge fashion couple, how can we get out of a pair of essential replica sunglasses? In the upcoming 2016 Valentine’s Day, for their own and beloved TA selected a stylish and chic couples sunglasses as a Valentine’s Day gift, will be able to conquer the TA wavering heart!

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Spelman is a neutral style sunglasses outlet, perfect blend of retro style and modern details of the embellishment. Rich custom design details exquisite detail, unique material mix and match, the metal filaments cleverly wrapped in the plate frame outside. Light color VFX lenses add personality beauty, at any time for the eyes to provide maximum protection.

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Ray Ban replica original details of the embellishment, the perfect folding structure design, compact and flexible frame, high-quality finishes, wild metal colors, including the classic Arista gold and fine silver, dazzling image of a perfect response to various occasions .

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The mirror legs on both sides of the location near the frame, dotted with exquisite infinite heart-shaped pattern, with delicate gold, silver or dark gray metallic outline outline, the middle is handmade enamel, color optional contrast color or with the color palette .

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Cat’s eye contour plate frame, and the color match, including dotted with Tiffany blue black, Havana color and pearl sapphire blue, and shining pearl luster purple, highlight the cool alternative elegant, with a special process outline Out of the classic Tiffany bracelet swirl inlay, so that the whole frame firm and full of toughness.

Sunny days back your sunglasses outlet have the princess who wear nice?

After a few days of rain erosion, the Great Beijing has finally restored the lofty light, but also can put on the United States and the United States out of the clothes show a show. Although the blue sky and white clouds very, very good, but the ultraviolet radiation is also very strong, accidentally shook his eyes too uncomfortable, and this time a pair of sunglasses can be fully come in handy. Sunglasses who have, but with different clothing you really will wear it? If the bottom of my heart did not end, may wish to learn from the princess and the prince, maybe instantly caught the lifeblood of fashion.

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British Prince William and Princess Kate wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses

Watch this year’s Wimbledon, William and Kate sat snuggling with each other to watch the whole game, a sweet state of envy others, even the sunglasses are couple models, the two are wearing Ray Ban replica sunglasses.

Prince Albert in Monaco, the 10th anniversary of his reign, Charlene Princess wearing a nude color sleeveless dress to wear Dior sunglasses, especially beautiful, a lot of people say like a Grace Kelly.

The day Prince of Monaco Pierre Casillaci with his girlfriend Italian noble descent Beatrice Borromet also came, when Beatrice has not married Pierre, Beatrice Wearing a white folds dress wearing round hippie wind sunglasses, both stylish and playful.

Danish Royal Opera in the cruise to the Danish Princess Mary wearing a deep V fold dress wearing Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, very elegant steal the spotlight.

Letizia clothing has always been praised, the same choice of accessories she is almost perfect, such as the wear Carolina Herrera sunglasses with small earrings, very lined face.

Princess Anne has always been known for elegant, you will find the movement elements, such as this Zara Olympic series sunglasses, worn on her did not violate, but very young.

British Wessex Countess to visit the Royal Windsor Equestrian performances, wearing a Tiffany blue cat sunglasses, and hold the dog as the steal the phone shell.

British Princess Zara Philips watch the game wearing a rounded sunglasses with gold rim, with a bright yellow dress, the princess to lose weight, a small pot is very steal the spotlight.

When the Dutch Princess Maxima and William Alexander went to the Caribbean together, put on a bright yellow dress with the same color hats and bracelets, dancing like a great feeling, wearing a round sunglasses for her extra points less.

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British Princess Jennifer wearing Ray-Ban pilot sunglasses

In April the streets, the United Kingdom Princess Jeanne wearing a black dress has been very popular Ray Ban outlet pilot sunglasses, handsome.

During her visit to China in June, the Belgian Princess Mathilde dressed in a yellow print dress with cat’s eye sunglasses.

In the golf field, the Swedish Prince Daniel wearing a pair of Oakley Frogskins sunglasses, fashion sense super.

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Prince Nicholas of Denmark wear Ray-Ban pilot sunglasses

In 2014 in Denmark, Nicola Prince’s mother, Alexandra the countess’s birthday party, he wore Ray Ban replica black pilot sunglasses appearance, with a suit and a gentleman without lack of taste.

George’s grandfather Prince Charles is the daily standard double-breasted suit and colored tie, of course, ultimately, a steal the spotlight sunglasses.

Prince of Denmark Henrik is a focus on health too fashionable people, during his visit to Greenland, he chose a retro color sunglasses sunglasses, not to pretend to cool, but to resist the strong outdoor ultraviolet light.

Men can not bring accessories but sportsman must have a pair of sunglasses outlet!

Men can not wear jewelry, but must have a pair of sunglasses, it can intimate sunscreen for you, to the overall modeling finishing touch, more quickly enhance the gas field. That summer this year, what style is worth starting? Read the following key words you can certainly find the answer.

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Key style: Aviator
Pilot sunglasses were invented in the 1930s to protect the pilot’s eyes from the glare of the sun. Thin metal frame and large droplet shape lens, can block the entire eye socket area, as far as possible to prevent light into the eyes. In the nineteen sixties when the Beatles band Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to bring them, this a sunglasses overnight fame, in the 80’s, the Queen band Freddie Mercury pilots sunglasses are widely popular. Pilot sunglasses through various forms of improvement and re-creation, as a classic of the most masculine sunglasses.

Suitable for face: oval and square

Recommended brands: Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford, Ray Ban , Jeepers Peepers, Persol, Cutler and Gross, Eyevan, Acne Studios

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Key style: Wayfarer
Since 1956, Ray Ban replica launched The Wayfarer (traveler), it has become the sunglasses industry, the impact of other sunglasses design of the most iconic style. Wayfarer with aggressive modeling exudes a strong sense of the hormone, so that the wearer looks sexy. This has a long history of sunglasses shape never quit people’s attention, almost every quarter of the major sunglasses brand will launch a new color of the new, both men and women will be crazy.

Suitable for face: oval, long, round face

Recommended brands: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Jeepers Peepers, Oliver Spencer, Thom Browne, Urban Outfitters

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Key style: Clubmaster
Clubmaster can be seen as a deformation of the Wayfarer style, the upper part of the inherited Wayfarer tough frame lines, the lower part is more delicate and smooth frameless shape, does not require European-style three-dimensional full facial curve, Asians more plane Of the face the same as the daily out of the street with Wayfarer as wild, is worthy of the recommendation of the great shape sunglasses.

Suitable for face: oval, heart-shaped, round and square face

Recommended brands: Ray Ban outlet uk, Mykita, Garrett Leight, Spitfire, Jeepers Peepers, Saint Laurent, Han Kjobenhavn, Illesteva

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Key Style: Round Frames
John Lennon was the father of rock into the fashion circles round sunglasses, has been hailed as a typical representative of retro. It can give you the shape to bring a trace of eccentricity and personality, the most suitable for a gentleman with a line of tough chin, because the circular lens has softened edges and corners of the effect, to play the grotesque side of the famous male god Johnny Depp is a round box Sunglasses loyal fans representative.

Suitable for face: oval, square and heart-shaped face

Recommended brands: Moscot, Ray Ban outlet, Mykita, Eyevan, Cutler and Gross, Garrett Leight, Oliver Spencer

Lu Xun ladder stuck in Jingdong to create luxury Ray Ban replica glasses section

May 9, 2015, Jingdong join hands with the world’s top eyewear manufacturers and distributors Lu Xun ladder card group held a joint ceremony in Sanya, Hainan, announced Lu Xun ladder card’s Ray-Ban replica, VOGUE, OAKLEY and many other internationally renowned sunglasses brand Jingdong On sale. Jingdong first luxury glasses section “Jingdong mirror sector” also opened over the same period. As a result, consumers will experience a one-stop in the Jingdong enjoy the world’s big first-line, genuine high-priced luxury glasses to buy services.

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Lu Xun ladder card group is the world’s leading high-end fashion glasses industry, has its own brand of three replica Ray-Ban, VOGUE, OAKLEY and 14 first-line luxury brand authorization, occupy a large share of the global optical market. It is understood that the sale of luxury in the Jingdong sunglasses selling brand, will use proprietary mode, will do online with the line, the global synchronization sale. This means that consumers buy luxury sunglasses in Jingdong can enjoy the first-line big-name genuine, excellent selection of quality and quality of the whole process of quality shopping experience.

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It is reported that, as a global brand of sunglasses, ray ban replica uk will also be the official flagship store in Jingdong on-line micro-shop shop, take full advantage of the Jingdong mobile end channel advantages to diversify the shopping scene to reach the consumer side, for consumers More convenient and high-quality shopping experience. In addition, the “6.18” Jingdong Dianqing day, the United States fashion luxury brand Michael Kors sunglasses line of business will also be strong settled in Jingdong, Jingdong luxury category to add a touch of fashion and beautiful elements.

Jingdong Group Vice President, Jingdong open platform division general manager Xin Lijun said: Jingdong has been sticking to the concept of genuine, Jingdong luxury category continued Jingdong genuine gene, with the brand, the top agents cooperation to ensure product quality. The cooperation with Lu Xun ladder card, is a key step in the vertical layout of the luxury vertical market, I believe Lu Xun ladder card rich brand resources and Jingdong convenient, high-quality features of the advantages of combining services, will be able to enhance consumer online shopping high-end sunglasses Of the shopping experience.

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Lu Xun ladder card, said Zhong Zhong, general manager of Greater China, Jingdong has a large number of the pursuit of fashion, with a good taste of the consumer, which is the target group Lu Xun ladder very fit at the same time, Jingdong in pre-sales, distribution and other aspects of service levels But also with Lu Xun ladder card high-end brand texture complement each other. Hoping to help Jingdong platform coverage, a wealth of purchase channels, so that more Chinese consumers can easily buy the Lu Xun ladder card brand Ray Ban Sunglasses replica, Chang enjoy the lifestyle.

Jingdong and Lu Xun ladder card depth cooperation to achieve the Jingdong luxury eyewear category to accelerate the expansion, once again established Jingdong in the field of luxury goods business status. Jingdong with more brands, top agents to reach cooperation, Jingdong fashion luxury goods will receive more consumer recognition, Jingdong fashion luxury brand’s overall image will be further enhanced, in order to achieve benign growth of the platform.

It is reported that Jingdong first luxury eyewear festival online promotional activities in the May 9 before and after the adoption of PC-side, mobile client, WeChat end have been on-line, and will continue until May 15. Full-court activities in addition to individual goods can participate in full 1000 by 100, at least 200 activities by 200, under the single forwarding activities can also participate in the free grab iPhone 6 mobile phone activities.

Ray-Ban replica launched the “Ittakescourage” global brand manifesto activities

Beijing, March 30, 2016 – the world leader in high-end eyewear Luxottica Group’s top brand Ray-Ban replica sunglasses, Ray-Ban, announced the launch of a global brand manifesto activity, Ittakescourage. And China as an important strategic market for the Group, in mid-April 2016 with the simultaneous global launch, “What are they afraid” (Ittakescourage) Ray-Ban brand manifesto activities.

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Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient Flash Lenses Ray-Ban aviator models gradient reflective lens coating

If not perfect, I do not wear a mask

The propaganda blockbusters shot in Los Angeles, Zhang Jing from the renowned photographer Mark Seliger, with multiple sets of unique photographs reflect the brand DNA: the courage to do themselves. Here the “courage” is not blind fear, but rather the courage to look firm and decisive share of challenges, but also inspire people to break through the self, and constantly go beyond the limits of the source of strength.

Under the lens heroes courageous but loyal to themselves, they do not dare to embrace perfection, in challenge to stereotypes Vulgar Meanwhile, arbitrary sway talent and emotion, to seek to break the shackles of self, live from my color.

During the event, Ray Ban replica brand will be launched in China, “What are they afraid,” the theme of the Declaration, to encourage the younger generation to face evaluation, open your heart, put aside the secular vision, redefining the way of life, to experience the power of courage. Declaration will focus on the theme “Courage” theme, invited young people to share their own social stories.

Ray-Ban replica sunglasses

The courage to reject outmoded customs, Be yourself

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ray Ban replica uk Wayfarer paragraph

I like to sing, others indifferent Evaluation

Attitude courage to release and expose themselves, without any fear of embarrassment, rejection and neglected

Ray-Ban replica sunglasses

Optical Style Ray Ban replica Glasses Ray-Ban models

Despite the phone, then I would have the courage to say face to face down any network device, interact with the real world

Ray-Ban replica sunglasses

Ray-Ban Metal Optical Ray Ban metal optical section

I chose to try again, even at the expense of

Courage to embrace change, step out of your self small space to pursue their desire for lifestyle

Declaration synchronization with the theme, replica Ray-Ban mystery guests will be invited to participate in social media activities of the Declaration, the mystery guest will be “not afraid of the challenge,” the image appears, “loyal to the self, fearless,” he afraid of? let us wait and see!