Ray Ban replica 2014 launched “do not hide, born I material” new media activities – photographer Mark Seliger presents eight glasses theme creative photos!

Ray Ban outlet brand Never Hide communication platform recently launched a new activity – not hidden, born I “material.” One of the most eye-catching part, than the famous photographer Mark Seliger eight creative photos taken to fully explain the Ray-Ban brand’s core spirit: to break the tradition, never hiding.

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Milan local time in April 2014, Luxottica Group is the world’s leading high-end optical products, is also famous sunglasses brand Ray-Ban owner. The group recently announced that the Ray-Ban brand’s Never Hide communication platform launched a new campaign – not hide, “I” material “(Never Hide What You’re Made Of). One of the most eye-catching aspects of this media event is the eight creative photos taken by the famous photographer Mark Seliger, which fully explains the core spirit of the Ray-Ban brand: breaking the tradition, Never hide. These eight pictures lifted the lives of several characters, demonstrating how they have practiced the mission of pioneers and insurgents in their daily lives.

This is the third time Photographer Mark Seliger has taken the Never Hide event in New York and Los Angeles. In his mind, “This event is a collaborative effort to create the vision of the new Ray-Ban product line Pictures, it feels like in the film director Kubrick as a photographer.Erik Vervroegen’s narrative humorous and ironic, amazed.I Erik and Erika Ferszt between is a mutual trust The relationship between the achievements of the best photographic works.

The focus of this activity is Ray Ban so far launched several of the most innovative and pioneering spirit of the optical products. Emphasis on eight world-renowned mirror material, the brand several classic iconic style, it is the first time these materials available carrier. New glasses series for the goal, those who are willing to publicity personality, refused to popular, bold display of the crowd. A blend of traditional style and modern attitudes, built for Ray-Ban past, present and future supporters.

In this is not hidden, born I “material” activities, these materials are also an important element. The user is invited to visit the Ray-Ban website and enter the Order of Never Hide commune. In this unobtrusive and secretive group, people share the Ray-Ban brand’s foundational beliefs: do not hide (Never Hide). Ray-Ban will be a series of challenges to promote the user to show the real self: tough leather, tampering camouflage, its financial Rongrong, reckless cowboy, stick to titanium. In the process of completing the challenge, the user can continue to upgrade in the Order of Never Hide commune. After completing the required number of challenges, two champions will be created in each participating market and will join the commune through a special event. As a special award, selected members will also be on the network to show their experience.